Ron Nachum

Innovation for Access

Motivated and experienced rising college freshman with expertise in machine learning and computer vision, particularly at the intersection of computer science and healthcare access.

My Biggest Works

An accessible screening system for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases using only a camera

PANDwriting uses novel computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze videos of handwriting and screen for neurodegenerative diseases. The patent-pending system has potential to enable widespread access to early diagnosis and long-term monitoring in low-income areas and resource-poor health systems around the world, improving treatment outcomes.

Presenting at AAIC, the largest Alzheimer's conference in the world

Speaking after accepting the Alzheimer's Association 'One To Watch' Award (traditionally post-doctorate)

Presenting my peer-reviewed manuscript at EMBC 2021

Winning the Grand Prize at the regional fair, going on to win 2nd place at ISEF

Presenting in-person in Denver at the largest Alzheimer's conference in the world

Testing my data collection system before working with patients

Thank you for the inspiration and strength, Saba.

Building the first-ever, high school, liquid-fueled rocket - and aiming for space

I lead Project Caelus, a team of over 60 aspiring hardware engineers, programmers, manufacturers, businesspeople, networkers, and event coordinators. Our goal is simple: inspire ourselves and inspire others in our community to take on the biggest challenges in life, like sending a rocket to space.

Running a preliminary (no o-ring) cold flow on our impinging injector

Cold flow testing our fuel and oxidizer plumbing systems

Initial testing of our rocket's recovery release charge mechanism

Project Caelus trailer - our rocket engine testing site

Speaking to 25 new team members next to our plumbing test stand

Presenting at AIAA's YPSE, winning best presentation award

Transporting high pressure nitrogen by tractor with the team

Putting together rocket engine plumbing on a cold winter day

Holding our 12-foot tall 3D-printed rocket prototype

Cool Things I've Made

I led a team of students with Stanford University using data analytics and ML to analyze reopening orders and advise future policies. First-authored our peer-reviewed manuscript.

I developed a system for measuring and analyzing neck range of motion using only a camera, presenting an abstract at EMBC 2020.

I led a student team developing an application to connect patients with best-equipped hospitals during pandemic. Recognized by Virginia Governor, Mozilla Open Lab, HooHacks Best Health Hack, and IEEE Spectrum News.

I launched a robust platform to integrate all aspects of virtual school during the pandemic. Amassed 150,000+ monthly visits, featured in school newspaper, worked with special education students to support learning.

I built an app to analyze study habits, measuring focus, eye strain, and emotions while studying with ML and CV to help students learn better. Won Best Web Hack at HackTJ 7.5.

I developed an app to measure, monitor, and correct posture while working and studying using CV and ML. Won Best Web Hack at HackTJ 8.0.

Cool Things I've Worked On


I organize lectures, discussions, and competitions to make machine learning education accessible to all students, reaching 60+ weekly attendees across all grades.


I educate 30+ peers across all grades in computer vision algorithms and development for use in real-world research projects through weekly lectures and competitions.

I worked on an end-to-end CV system and algorithms for idenfifying alphanumeric targets from onboard plane cameras.

We developed a system for microplastic identification/quantification using just underwater cameras. Finalist in international Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge.

I worked on flight software development for a radio communications experiment satellite to be launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9.

More Research

Johns Hopkins GHLC

I was selected as a student speaker at Johns Hopkins Global Health Leadership Conference (GHLC).

Fitbit NAFLD Research

I analyzed Fitbit data with Inova Hopsital System for patients with liver disease, 2 abstracts at AASLD's Liver Meeting.

Giving Back


As part of Project Caelus's mission to inspire, we have organized major community STEM outreach initiatives from offering free one-on-one lessons to over 200 students during COVID-19 closures to organizing rocketry competitions and summer camps.

I designed and 3D printed face shields and door grabbers to aid in supplying essential medical resources to hospitals during the pandemic.

I work with younger soccer players with mental and physical disabilities, helping them learn to play soccer and proving that disabilities can't hold back passion.

I organized a summer computer science program at an underpriveliged middle school with my peers to provide students their first exposure to programming.

I am a part of the National Honor Society, upholding the pillars of scholarship, service, leadership, and character in my community.

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